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The Sahara Surf team is raising money for UNICEF & Surf Aid International by driving and surfing their way from London to Bamako, Mali. For three weeks, starting January 10th 2009, they will grab their boards, start their engines, and drive from London to West Africa to raise money for UNICEF and Surf Aid International.

In addition to taking their low budget vehicles on an epic one-way journey across the desert, the team – all members of the London Surf Club - will go in search of legendary surf breaks along the remote Atlantic coast of West Africa.

Please become a part of the adventure: Follow the blog, watch the video clips and in doing so help our worthy causes.

With the high-rolling Paris-Dakar Rally called off this year, focus will turn to the Plymouth-Dakar Challenge, the credit-crunch version of the famous race. And this time, one team will combine it with a mission of surf discovery.

Once they reach their goal, the car will be auctioned off to raise money for local charities. And their surf boards won’t make the return journey either: they’ll stay with surf-hungry Senegalese kids, desperate to be in the water and to have the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful fast growing sport.

Those staying on dry land can get their hands on one of a car-load of footballs (courtesy of Junior Soccer Coach) which will be given away on route to mark the approaching 2010 World Cup.

We will be updating this blog with posts and videos during our journey – please follow us on route and help UNICEF & Surf Aid International to continue their excellent work.

If you would like to make a donation to either charity you can do so by clicking the following links: Unicef and Surfaid.

Thank you,

The Sahara Surf Team

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